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Cait/ 24 /Florida.

a forgotten book on someone's shelf.

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I’ve been craving physical intimacy so much lately and it’s odd because I’ve never been physically intimate with anyone. Ever.

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I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.

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"bear with me" you say. we both turn into bears and escape into the woods

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Ryan Gosling on the set of Only God Forgives

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Hey, I'm outside


I’m on your bike carrying myself through
old neighbourhoods
picking the most important songs to scream at the wind
I’m on your couch tossing and turning
I’m looking at my high school and I’m looking at my old house
it has a picket fence around it now
and no one knows who…

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i miss you perfectly like a dream
it’s never as good or as bad as it seems
when you get bored just wait here with me
we will die and go back to nothing
thinning out

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Comin’ Home by City & Colour 

I’ve seen a palace in London, I’ve seen a castle in Wales
but I’d rather wake up beside you and breathe that old familiar smell

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